FOXBOX Reward Loayalty Solutions helps you identify your most valuable customers and partners with you in generating incremental, long-term value from them.


We provide strategic, operational and analytical expertise in developing programs that grow and nurture your customers. We manage end to end implemetation of all components.

Our proprietary technology platform - The FOXBOX Loyalty allows us to greatly increase efficiency in cost, time and reach of your customer loyalty program.

Our one-to-one communication skills help you connect with your customers and build long-term relationships with them while staying in synch with your overall brand objectives. We use all direct marketing media to achieve this from printed brochures, promo coupons, catalogues and direct mail to personalized emailers, microsites, online catalogues, digital vouchers, SMS and social media.

We can develop custom programs depending on your brand objectives whether its points based priviledges based rewards.

Contact us today. We are here to work with you to conceptualise, develop and manage any kind of customer loyalty program you might have in mind.



Customer Loyalty Programs







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