FOXBOX helps engage employees, build company culture and loyalty through its innovative brand store program.


A brandstore or a company store is an online or offline store which offers comapny logo branded merchandise. This merchandise are available to employees, dealers, channel partners and other stakeholders for purchase

Some of the world's best brands maintain their own brand stores and these go a long way in building company culture.

BrandSTORE also acts as a one stop merchandise stop for sourcing official company branded merchadise for official functions, exhibitions. It helps in creating and maintaining a consitent brand image of company logo.

This is highly customized program that works with each company and develops specific solutions which helps launch company store.


FOXBOX Loyalty provides end to end management of company brand store operations including designing the program, providing web solution, sourcing of merchandise, Fulfilment solution and designing and communication programs.

Its top notch patented technology platform developed on DOT NET Technology helps companies to launch theit brand store operations efficiently and effectively. All Products on the store would be logo branded with company logo provide maximum visibility and build brand culture.

It also offers complete designing and marketing services to ensure best results for the program.


Benefits Of Company Store Program

  •   Builds company culture
  •   Enhanced Visibility of Company Brand
  •   Ease of Orders Company Branded Products Online
  •   Minimize Administration
  •   Control Branding
  •   Control Sourcing since centralized procurement
  •   Customized Reporting
  •   Online Order Tracking

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Applications Of BrandSTORE








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