Who We Are


At FOXBOX Rewards and Loyalty Solution, we strive to be an indispensable partner to the businesses we serve by providing the best loyalty solutions in the market.


Who We Are


As a division of BrandSTIK Corporation, we benefit from our parent company's immense experience of working providing customers with the products, services, and advice they need to manage a successful business. FOXBOX Rewards helps engage and retain customers through innovative rewards and loyalty programs. We engage with companies to implement customized loyalty programs that generates sales through increased band recognition, affinity and loyalty


What We Do


The FOXBOX Rewards Solution helps companies increase customer engagement by rewarding their customers in ways that encorage repeat buying behaviour.

Unlike other loyalty rewards providers, we beleive that loyalty solutions aren't "one size fits all." We tailor our rewards programs to meet the unique requirements of your industry, and desires of your customer segments. Our loyalty rewards programs offer your customers more touch points and buyer interactions so drive behaviour with incentives.

Customer Pain Points




Need to work with a full-service provider who can accomodate our unoque organization.


We have had trouble with rewards programs that don't drive customer engagement.


Our current reards programs have few opportunities for buyer interactions and ooffer little in customer insights.


Fulfillment of valueable rewards puts a burden on budgets.





Customer Pain Points

With experience implementing successfull loyalty solutions for numerous established programs to-date, FOXBOX Rewards is ready to help your company increase customer engagement with meaningful offers that drive retention and sales for the long term.





Features of FOXBOX Rewards Solutions



Patented Technology Platform

Technology is the core of a successful loyalty or incentive program and we've spent years building and perfecting ours. Our patented, priority platform integrates all aspects of a rewards program, from customer communications to tracking and rewarding desried behaviours.


Patented Technology Platform

Our vendor relationships feature exceptional strength within a variety industries and allow us to offer products and services of brands your customers know and love. Our Catalogue encompasses a great selection of brand names to cover all consumer demographics.


Full Sercice Fulfillment

Our fulfillment team handles orders from purchase to delivery and everything in between. Whether inventoried, drop shipped or digitally delivered, we provide the best redemption experience for your customers, resulting in positive interactions with your brand.


Full-Service Agency

We buld upon your brand objectives by designing a customized program that supports ongoing positive interactions with your customers. From copywriting to website development, our skilled creative team designs with your brand goals in mind.


Advanced Call Center Technology

Our state-of-the-art telecommunications systems allow us to consistently provide courteous and professional customer interactions in a timelt manner. With a knowledge-based tool at their fingertips, our associates deliver quanlity results with each customer contact.



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