Play, Save and Win!
Reward behaviour, drive engagement, and grow relationships.


Enhance customer relationships
We provide multiple touch points that allow a continuous dialog with customers, unlike any other solutions can offer.


A custom rewards program that fits your business
Drive profitable behaviors at a fraction of the cost of other rewards programs.


How It Works


FOXBOX Rewards and Loyalty Solutions helps you reach, recognize, reward, and retain your best customers, sales team, channel partner and employees by rewarding them for any measurable behaviour.


Out team helps develop custom programs that inspire everyday engagement wiith innovative fulfillment options





Which Solutions are you looking at?



Channel Loyalty

FOXBOX helps you improve channel motivation, loyalty and productivity through highly customized channel loyalty program.

Customer Loyalty

FOXBOX helps you retain, recognize and reward your most important customers by creating custom loyalty and reward programs.

Sales R & R

FOXBOX helps reward, retain and motivate your best performing employees to contribute even better through Innovative R&R programs.






Projects executed across every product category

Clients partnered with across every industry and location

In less than 5 years of our start of India operation




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